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SOC Analyst Training in ArcSight & Splunk Tools
SOC Training Online / SOC Training Classroom / SOC Training in Bangalore

SOC Analyst Training in Bangalore | Hyderabad | Chennai | Mumbai | Pune | Delhi & 20+ Countries

SOC stand for Security operation Centre which is the department and the team of Cyber Security professionals who monitors the company’s network and information for real-time cyber-attacks and incidents and if any security incidents happen, they ensure the minimal impact and minimal cost of remediation.

  • SIEM mainly provides reporting, storage, searching, compliance use cases and monitoring and also correlation across the enterprise.
  • In general, we are trying to collect log events and information from the applications, clouds, endpoints, systems, network environments and security products.
  • There are so many different things to do in the modern enterprise. We need to do collect the data. We need to correlate the data and need to store the information for compliance use cases.
  • We need to do generate the alerts so that we can do some investigation and then we need to do have some capabilities like looking back at the data to try and understand what’s happening over the time.

Features Of SOC ANALYST Admin & Analyst Trainings

Here more than 1000+ students are trained in this SOC Online Training | SOC Training With Certification and Placed Multiple Top MNC Company.

Complete Practical SOC Training with ArcSight & Splunk Tools

“SIEM XPERT” Team will be in switch on mode for 24/7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server. There is a huge demand for SOC professionals. We are providing the best SOC online training at a reasonable price. We have core team of experts for this SOC online course. As it is online training, the training timings will be the candidate feasibility. We are ready to solve any issues within no time. We also provide SOC classroom training at Bengaluru.

Who can join this Security Operation Center (SOC) Training ?

  • Network and Security Administrators
  • Network and Security Engineers
  • Network Defense Analyst
  • Network Defense Technicians
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Desktop Engineers
  • Freshers from IT/CS background
  • Freshers or Experienced from any background who has made their mindset to start their career in Cyber Security

SOC Analyst Training Syllabus
(Get 75 Days Real-Time Lab Access)

This course is designed for you. In this SOC training, we are going to start from basic of networking and security concepts so the people who is even new in Cyber security or fresher will also be able to understand fully. Through baby steps you will learn SOC. and Become a SOC EXPERT in 2months. We deliver "SOC Training in Bengaluru" for Classroom Students and We deliver "SOC Training Online" across the Globe.

Understanding the detail of various Arcsight Components.

  • Networking Concepts
  • Security Devices
  • Types Cyber Attack and Mitigation
  • TCP/IP packets understanding
  • What is SIEM and Why it is Required
  • Understanding the detail of various Arcsight Components.
  • Understanding of different parameter of smart connector and how to apply them such as Normalization, Filtering, Aggregation, Cache, Batching.
  • Understanding the details of various ArcSight Components.
  • ArcSight deployment ArcSight Architecture.
  • Linear Architecture, Dual destination and Failover Architecture.
  • Upgradation Of Smart Connectors.
  • Troubleshooting of Connector Issues, and Identify.
  • Overview Of ESM Console
  • Creation Of Active Channels.
  • Creation Of Dashboards & Data monitors.
  • Creation Of Rules, Query, and Reports.
  • User Administration. Incidents Notifications.
  • Overview Of ArcSight Command Center.
  • ArcSight ESM Peering, Backup & Archival Setting.
  • Realtime scenarios of various incidents and Remediation Steps.
  • How to search event on logger. Microfocus ArcSight Support Resources.

Splunk SIEM Security

  • Introductin Of SIEM And ARCIGHT Tool.
  • ArcsightSmart Connector .
  • ESM Console
  • Active Channels
  • Dashboards & datamonitors
  • Arcsight ESM Resources
  • Arcsight Command Center.
  • Event On logger
  • Introduction Of SIEM and Splunk Tools.
  • Understanding various components of splunk.
  • Various deployment Architecture of Splunk.
  • Installation of Splunk Enterprise and Search head.
  • Installation Of splunk Universal Forwarders.
  • Introduction to splunk Configuration files, Universal Forwarder, Forwarder management, Data management, Troubleshooting and monitoring..
  • Integration Of Various devices with Splunk such as Windows, Unix, Firewall Syslog etc.
  • Understanding various parameter of universal forwarders.
  • Introduction to Splunk's User Interface.
  • Installation Splunk Apps and Add- ons. Learn basic navigations in Splunk.
  • Different Ports and Protocols being used across all Splunk Components.
  • Understanding the Splunk Indexes, The default Splunk Indexes, Segregation the Splunk Indexes, Learning about Splunk bucket and Bucket Classification, estimating index storage, Creating new index.
  • Using Searching and Reporting in the Splunk.
  • Using Field in Searches. Creating Reports and Visualizations.
  • Working With Dashboards.
  • Search Fundamentals. Various Reporting Commands.
  • Understanding of Splunk Security.
  • Managing Incidents review in Splunk Enterprise Security.
  • Creation Of Correlation Rules.
  • Managing Incidents review in Splunk Enterprise Security.
  • Customize notable event setting in Splunk Enterprise Security.
  • Analyzing the incidents whether its true Positive or False positive.
  • How to Create Incident on the Ticketing tool and report Incidents.
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