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  • Security Governance & Compliance Services


    SIEM XPERT works with clients globally, offering strategy for managing an enterprise's overall governance, organization's risk management and compliance with complete rules and regulations. We provide a proper administrative control to fix the risks involved in any organization without much cost and duplication of efforts.

    SIEM XPERT Is 8+ Years Old and Offers various cyber security services | Managed SOC Services | Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing | SIEM Professional Services in 30+ Countries across the globe.

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    With one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry, SIEM XPERT is a leading Security Governance & Compliance Service provider serving thousands of successful small and medium businesses for the past 8+ years. You have come to the right place if you are looking for a Security Governance and Compliance Service provider as "SIEM XPERT" has been rated one of the top cyber security firms in the world.


    Security Governance & Compliance Offerings by SIEM XPERT

    Our team of highly-trained security analysts and certified ethical hackers provides a customizable set of managed cyber security services across your entire IT environment to manage its information security and compliance with regulations. SIEM XPERT team professionals provide continuous IT Governance and Compliance services by:

    • Security intelligence and operations consulting
    • Risk management and quantification
    • Standards gaps analysis and compliance
    • Cloud deployment assessments
    • OT and IT risk and maturity assessments
    • Cyber security management
    • Supply chain audits

    Security Governance & Compliance Services

    Our Awesome Clientele

    Why choose our Security Governance & Compliance Services to protect your business?

    • We have a fully certified team of security analysts with the highest professional standards.
    • We are a leading India-based cyber security training and service provider company.
    • We have anaverage 9/10 customer satisfaction and 95% of retention rate.
    • We are a leading India-based cyber security training and service provider company.
    • We provide quick and hassle-free service deployment.