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  • Managed SOC Services


    SIEM XPERT offers fully comprehensive Managed SOC services and SIEM services that can be cloud-based or on-premises which will help organizations to monitor IT compliance and general network security over the network by deploying essential updates and responding to incidents when applicable. Our Managed SOC services are specially designed to assist organisations of all sizes to detect, prevent, and respond quickly to threats 24 hours a day at a fraction of the price of making any enterprise’s in-house SOC.

    SIEM XPERT Is 8+ Years Old and Offers various cyber security services | SIEM Professional Services | Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing | Security Governance and Compliance in 30+ Countries across the globe.

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    With increasing cyber-attacks, many enterprises with online presence struggle to monitor their IT environment, where comes the need of a Managed SOC Service and SIEM service provider. Many organizations failed to manage their IT system because of the increasing number of connected devices over the internet and the data on these networks. Thus, whether your work is to choose the correct SIEM, keeping up with new threats, staffing it completely and cost-effectively, we can help.


    Managed SOC Services Offerings by SIEM XPERT

    Our team of professional security analysts manages and monitors the latest detection technologies to mitigate threats 24/7/365. SIEM XPERT provides a customizable set of cyber security services and/or Managed SOC-as-a-service to cost-effectively protect your business by :

    • Technology deployment and management
    • Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR)
    • Next-Gen Firewall-as-a-Service
    • Application Security
    • Real-time (live) monitoring
    • Analysis of events
    • Tracking and logging of data
    • Normalizing and visualising it for compliance use-cases.

    Managed SOC Services

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    Why choose our SIEM Professional Services to protect your business?

    • We have a fully certified team of security analysts with the highest professional standards.
    • We are a leading India-based cyber security training and service provider company.
    • We have anaverage 9/10 customer satisfaction and 95% of retention rate.
    • We are a leading India-based cyber security training and service provider company.
    • We provide quick and hassle-free service deployment.