Sulabh Mishra 13 may, 2020 16

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A security operations center, or SOC for short, is a (mostly) centralized amalgamation of people, processes and technology that work to protect systems and networks of an organization through continuous monitoring, detection,

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Sulabh Mishra 13 may, 2018 16

What is Data Center Security? Top 5 Best Practices

A data center is a space or facility dedicated to storing an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. Such a facility offers various services such as organizing, processing and storing data,

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Sulabh Mishra 24 april, 2019 07

What are Open Ports?

Whenever we say “port” it could be related to two concepts: the hole located at the back or side of any network device, such as an ethernet port, or, when it’s related to IP addresses and

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Sulabh Mishra 28 june, 2020 32

How to extract SSL data from any website

Having an SSL is a must for all types of projects, especially those dependent on having an online website, such as portals and ecommerce stores. Here at SecurityTrails we’ve been

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