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Splunk Training in Bangalore

SIEM XPERT is the best Splunk Training institute in Bangalore, Cources including Splunk SIEM Security with 75 Days Real-Time Lab acceess

Splunk Training in India & 20+ Countries

Splunk is the tool being used across a broad verity of industries, it’s a data analytics and an SIEM tool, As a data analytics tool is used for Searching, Monitoring, and examining machine-generated data in a web interface for troubleshooting and for data visualization and as an SIEM it is used to collect the real-time logs from various devices such as security devices, Network devices, Servers, and Application and enables you for keeping the logs for longs time for forensics and compliance perspective and gives searching and reporting features it also enables you for real-time monitoring, correlation and alerting so that you can take an active and immediate action whenever there is any cyber-attack or any suspicious activities are found, Your learn end to end real-time Splunk training with Certification Splunk Training in Bengaluru (Classroom) and Splunk Training online ( Splunk Training in Hyderabad | Splunk Training in Chennai | Splunk Training in Kochi | Splunk Training in Mumbai | Splunk Training in Delhi | Splunk Training in Pune )

ArcSight + Splunk Combo Training

Duration: 2 months

Hours: 90 Hours

Real Time Access 75 Days

Why do you Learn Splunk to Grow Your Career?

  • Splunk is widely implemented in the tech industry. Splunk has great career growth as it is being widely used and getting popular.
  • Splunk technology has provided a good amount of salaries based on Roles and Performance. The average is $87,067 Per Year.
  • A Certified Splunk Professional can get the basics of different roles & designations for different organizations.

Highlight Of Splunk Online Training?

Who Should Learn Splunk?


ArcSight + Splunk SIEM Combo Course

Dual SIEM Covered in Single Module

Components Of Splunk Forwarders

Splunk Training

Duration: 2 months

Hours: 90 Hours

75 Days Real-Time Lab Access

What is Splunk Forwarder?

Forwarders: Forwarders are used to collect the data from various end devices like network devices, Security devices, servers, application and many more and then send the data to indexer to further to heavy forwarders There are 2 types of forwarders

What is Splunk Universal Forwarder?

Universal forwarder is a light weight client can be install on the end servers like Windows, Linux, Mac etc. which collects the logs locally and apply meta data fields like source, host and source type and send it to Heavy Forwarders for further process or directly to Indexer, then main advantage of installing Universal forwarders is that I can collect full logs on the host like memory utilization logs, registry logs, CPU logs and all. Universal forwarder do not parse the events it send the events to heavy forwarder for parsing or to directly Indexer for further parsing and searching the data.

What is Splunk Heavy Forwarder?

2.It is a full instance of Splunk enterprise we, configure the receiving and forwarding on it, that means it can collect the logs directly from end devices as well as from Universal forwarders and from any other heavy forwarders, Once the Heavy Forwarder collect the logs it parse the logs and send it to Indexer, without heavy forwarder also we can directly receive the logs on the indexer from end devices and universal forwarders but heavy forwarder reduces the one level of work of Indexer which is parsing, if we introduce heavy forwarder then indexer will not have to do the parsing it can receive the logs from heavy forwarders compress the logs and write the logs on the indexer.

What is Splunk Indexer?

Indexer is the core component of Splunk architecture once it receives the logs from forwarders or end devices it parses the logs compress the logs and write the logs on the disk which is called and indexing, Indexer can keep the logs for long time for compliance, auditing and forensics perspective, Storage where Splunk stores the logs called and Bucket.

Types of Bucket in Splunk?

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Do you want to learn Splunk, The leader of Cyber Security.

Do you want to understand the concepts and gain the hands-on experence in Splunk Tools?

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Through baby steps you will learn Splunk. and Become a SOC EXPERT in 2 months

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