SQL what is sql injection & example

SQL Injection – Prevention & Mitigation

SQL Injection – Real-Life Attacks & Examples with Prevention & Mitigation SQL is just a Structured Query Language. It is just a language to work the database. It stores manipulate and retrieve data from the relational database. It’s the conventional language for Relational Database systems. It allows users to generate, drop and view databases, store…

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ARC SightCyber securitySecurity Operation CenterSIEM Training lATEST VERSION OF ARCSIGHT SIEM

Latest Version Of ArcSight SIEM – SIEM XPERT

The Latest Version Of ArcSight SIEM ArcSight ESM analyzes and correlates every occurrence across the firm like- every login, logoff, file access, and database query.  The task is to deliver accurate prioritization of security risks and compliance violations. ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) (The latest version of Arcsight SIEM) provides a Big Data analytics approach…

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