Month: September 2021

tcp vs udp

What are TCP and UDP transport protocols

SPLUNK TRAINING WITH REAL-TIME LAB ACCESS TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): The translation control protocol (TCP)  is just a connection-oriented, reliable protocol.  TCP explicitly defines connection establishment,  data transfer,  and connection tear-down phases to offer a connection-oriented service. TCP uses a combination of GBN and SR protocols to offer reliability. To achieve this goal, TCP uses …

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cyber kill chain & its process

Cyber Kill Chain

What is Cyber Kill Chain? The cyber kill chain is also a variation of the military’s kill chain, which can be a step-by-step approach that identifies and stops the attacker’s activity. Originally factory-made by Lockheed Martin in 2011, the cyber kill chain outlines the various stages of many common cyberattacks and, by extension, the points wherever the data security team will Prevent, detect or intercept attackers. The cyber …

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